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Shared investment experience

AFNA’s investment experience involves the collaboration of individuals and the distribution of their funds to partners in the U.S. and international markets. Members of this group range from general practitioners to small entrepreneurs and experts in specific areas of interest. Such a diverse group of investors makes shared experience with AFNA worthwhile and therefore AFA’s equity affiliates have participated in over 200 equity joint ventures.

AFNA’s professional team is a respected and internationally recognized team with decades of investing experience. It has reached substantial success through the substantial investments it made in start-up companies through joint ventures, and through the industry’s efforts in general.

Members of the professional team have appeared on international television programs and publications. Many have been featured in publications such as “Boston Globe” and “Financial Industry Weekly,” have taught in business schools, and have lectured in more than 300 countries. The professional team includes skilled entrepreneurs, who work to answer the calls for specific investment opportunities. In addition, a majority of the team is affiliated with AFNA’s management company.

AFNA’s professional team creates opportunities for individuals to earn a quality living while promoting and developing the foreign investment industry. Through shared investment, partners in the venture are empowered to make a significant amount of money with the potential to earn considerable returns on their investments.

No small business in investing should be overlooked by investors. AFNA’s shared experience enables investors to pool their efforts in larger units. The extra contacts, connections, and shared experience of those who share in a venture can provide them with additional opportunities.

Further, the growth of the shared investment community provides a greater percentage of investors a better chance to achieve the best returns for their investments. As the shared investment community continues to grow, it will help other investment community members to make their investments more widely available.

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