The importance of sex and sustainability

{{unknown}}The idea of a “real” man should be at the center of the discussion when debating climate change. A “real” man doesn’t stop for anyone. He takes what he wants, is ambitious and powerful.  He’s the patriarch who takes care of his family and he has time to wait for nobody.  A “real” man doesn’t sacrifice himself, that’s a woman’s job; to get up from the comfy chair to turn off the light, to bike to work instead of taking the car. “Men are responsible…

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Birds, bees and too long sleeves

He grasped the weed-spoon, stabbed it deep into the soil and twisted it around the root of the plant. Fast, in a jerk, he pulled it up. It lied there in front of his knees. He itched his brow with the back of his hand. I felt my brow itch, too, as if the summer heat was just as unbearable here in my room where I was hiding behind the heavy curtain. I had spent my winter daydreaming. Mostly about the swinging hips, pointing breasts…

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Personal update

Time is flying by faster than I can understand. Soon I’ll be M.A. in American Literature, but before that I have an internship with Hunter Lovins and Pavan Sukhdev to take care of, a master’s thesis, an independent study which is going to be revealed later next month in a popular new paper (words and sustainability), and somewhere between all those projects I’m standing breathing slowly, keeping calm and trying to get an overview of all that awaits me. And then, before I even get…

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