Personal update

Time is flying by faster than I can understand. Soon I’ll be M.A. in American Literature, but before that I have an internship with Hunter Lovins and Pavan Sukhdev to take care of, a master’s thesis, an independent study which is going to be revealed later next month in a popular new paper (words and sustainability), and somewhere between all those projects I’m standing breathing slowly, keeping calm and trying to get an overview of all that awaits me. And then, before I even get…

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Og de talte sig til en anden verden

Måske har du slet ikke lært, at tale bæredygtigt? Om sprogets betydning for vores evne til at forestille os og forstå bæredytighed og fremtid. Og de talte sig til en anden verden (Om Kajsa Li Paludan: Nyudnævnt Future Young Sustainability Leader 2014 af tænketanken Sustainia og Det Norske Veritas (DNV GL). Medstiftede Cultura21 Nordic i 2009, men er i øjeblikket ved at færdiggøre sin kandidatgrad i Amerikansk kultur og retorik i USA) Der skal nye virkelighedsopfattelser til, og vi skal ud af den begrænsende kassetænkning.…

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En åben fremtid og et brev fra en Nobels fredsprismodtager

Der er sket mange ting efter min udnævnelse til Future Young Sustainability Leader 2014 og mit møde i Oslo. På Oslofjorden, under skibets master da vi gled af sted på over det blikklare vand, gik en lille drøm i opfyldelse. Hunter Lovins, en kvinde på min højde, men dobbelt så bred med Stetson hat og ørneskarpt blik, kom hen til mig og spurgte om jeg ville samarbejde med hende. Hun havde hørt jeg havde brug for det i led af mit studie, men det var…

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The Homeless Stranger I helped Really Helped me

As I passed I heard his crying. An almost silent cry. Everyone else passed the older gentleman who even on the street sat with a straight back. He could have been my father. He could have been your father. “Homeless veteran” the sign read. Suddenly I cried, too, it had never happened to me like that before. I cried because I felt so helpless, because he was helpless. And so many others just like him. I sat down next to the old veteran, asked if…

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Dear All, many were present at Sustainia’s 100Solutions event in Oslo. As you perhaps remember I received the award by DNV GL and Sustainia as Young Future Sustainability Leader 2014. I’ve spent the weekend in Oslo before the 100Solutions event at the roundtable “The Road Less Travelled” with some of the most influential and inspiring people who all engaged in practical and philosophical manners to approach the need of solving the unsustainability we’re all facing. Some of them were: Hunter Lovins, Natural Capitalism Solutions, Jo Confino Executive…

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Marusa Balic

Guest post: Our Inner Song

This morning I was listening to a song from one of my favourite artists, Kelis. For some reason, today the lyrics went loud and clear straight to my heart. How could she know – exactly – how I felt? Had she experienced the exact same things in her life? Stood in the exactly same situation? That’s when the epiphany hit me: human emotions are exactly the same. For all people. Logical following of that is that all human behavior is basically the same – for…

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Kajsa Li Paludan

Appointed Future Young Sustainability Leader 2014

Interview with Kajsa Li Paludan by DNV GL & Sustainia, June 2nd 2014. I’m much obliged to all of those who voted for me to be their Future Young Sustainability Leader, and thanks to DNV GL and Sustainia for the appointment, and the upcomming involvment in important Green meetings, and activities that now lies ahead of me/us. I’m overwhelmed and thankful – a very pleasant surprise for me! FROM DNV GL & SUSTAINIA: We have found our Future Young Sustainability Leader! See full article here…

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370 million peoples threatened by climate change

My Swedish family can trace roots back to Sami people, and my mother has those beautiful slanted eyes and coarse black hair. We’re part of the only protected group of indigenous peoples in Scandinavia whose settlements dates back to about 10,000 year B.C. I spent my early childhood in Southern Sapmí an area most people know as Lapland. It stretches across Norway, Sweden, Finland and into Russia. Fact: Approximately 370 million indigenous peoples occupy 20% of Earth’s territory. I grew up in the mountains, surrounded…

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