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This summer of 2012 we, Cultura21 Nordic, conducted yet a successful Future Battle in the Northwestern region of Zealand in Denmark. This time the scenario game was about the future of this region, Odsherred, how the participants with their visions and ideas could save and create a stronger future for Odsherred. The gamers had some pre-destined scenarios set up for them: the year was 2079, the water levels had risen, the weather warmer. And from that, their task was to create a better future for Odsherred 2079.

Not only did our Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved recommend our futuristic scenario game but several news papers were happy to write about it, too. I apologize that these are only in Danish.


For readable articles, see here: http://www.kajsapaludan.com/in-the-news/


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