Chosen by Coca Cola Enterprises as 1 of 5 Future Young CSR Leaders

…to give my thoughts on businesses’ social responsibility.

There is no doubt that I believe businesses and corporations also carry a huge responsibility in the transformation to a socially secure and self-sustaining world. Everything around us is brought to us by a business; be it the food we eat, the bed we sleep in, or the clothes we wear. It’s a shared social responsibility between customer and business to take care of the planet we live on.

I appreciate this report and their findings, as more and more business leaders become aware that CSR is just not an attachment to their business operations, but must be integrated in the very core of their mission. In particular, the role of digital entrepreneurs in shaping this responsible approach cannot be overstated.

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  • Ahead of Coca-Cola Enterprises’ Future for Sustainability Summit, the company partnered with Cranfield School of Management’s Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility and The Financial Times’ FT Remark to conduct research on the future of sustainability

  • 88% of current CEOs and 90% of future leaders* surveyed believe businesses should have a social purpose

  • However, only 19% of future leaders think businesses already have a clear social purpose, compared to 86% of CEOs

  • CEOs and future leaders hold different beliefs on the biggest barriers to businesses  adopting a social purpose, with current leaders citing external factors such as government and regulation , while future leaders believe current management attitudes play a larger role (Profit and Purpose, Coca Cola Enterprises, October 1st 2014)

I find that one of the striking differences between Europe and United States when working with sustainability is that many Europeans often go by the Agenda21 model: Sustainability is the bridge holding up all aspects of society; economy, the social sector, culture, environment etc., where in the United States working for sustainability often is understood as creating a healthy environment/nature, only.

In this report I represent the young and future generation of thought leaders who work for complexity and connectivity awareness, something that we as a society must grasp to fully function in a globalized world.

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